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Re: Concern about racism and sexism in Supertuxkart 0.9

Hi Margarita,

>I think the issue is that the woman is scantily clad.  That said, I

>also don't find those posters particularly disturbing.  From the
>original description I expect the in-game graphics are much more
>explicit and the constant appearance of scantily clad women becomes


yes, this is my thought, if the game has the same "obscenity level" IMAO 

we don't need to patch anything, it is not disturbing at all (at least
in my particular opinion).


I would like to raise a complain in #debian-man, because there is many anymals
a woman, but no man at all! this is sexism about men! (just jocking, please don't take
me seriously)

otherwise we might need to patch/drop half the debian-games archive, women are like a 

totem for men, specially for developers, and I guess we won't (they, I'm not a game developer)
remove them in games :)

I mean, it is a game, I might support a disclaimer in the game description, but no patches for me.

Just my arrogant .02$



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