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"First Monday" April 2015 --- Digital gender: Toward a new generation of insights

Hi all!

I don't know if you are familiar with "First monday: Peer-reviewed
journal on the Internet". It is a very interesting,
social-sciences-oriented, academic magazine that's published monthly
every (duh) first Monday. I have often found great material published
there for different projects I've been involved with.

I was gratefully surprised to see the list of articles for this month:


   Digital gender: Perspective, phenomena, practice	
   Viktor Arvidsson, Anna Foka 	

   Sluts ‘r’ us: Intersections of gender, protocol and agency in the
   digital age
   Nishant Shah  

   Shame transfigured: Slut-shaming from Rome to cyberspace	
   Lewis Mark Webb     

   On trans-, glitch, and gender as machinery of failure	
   Jenny Sundén 	   

   Toxic femininity 4.0	
   Roopika Risam 	 

   Embodying culture: Interactive installation on women’s rights	
   Patrizia Marti, Jeroen Peeters, Ambra Trotto, Michele Tittarelli,
   Nicholas True, Nigel Papworth, Caroline Hummels       

   Seeing through the fog: Digital problems and solutions for studying
   ancient women  
   Alex McAuley 

I haven't yet read the articles, but I'm sure more than one person in
this list (and myself, of course!) will find them very interesting.


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