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feedback about Juliana's GSoC work


I'm just wondering if anybody has been following Juliana's blogs[1] or
tried the work she has produced on the test site?

Is anybody aware of any possibilities to promote this work further after
it is finished?  It would be good to highlight the success of the OPW
and GSoC programs and also demonstrate this for other women who apply to
such programs in future.

The main goal of the GSoC project is to get this into
http://rtc.debian.org but as JSCommunicator is modular, it can be
dropped into just about any other organization's web site too.  It all
just runs from the packages.  If anybody wants to try that for some
other community, please ask.



1. http://julianalouback.com

2. http://debrtc.org/phone-dev.shtml   (credentials in her blog)

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