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Re: Debian Women Introduction

On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 07:34:32PM +0300, Yehuda Korotkin wrote:
>    Hello Brenda J. Butler,
>    Thanks for the detailed email ! :-)
>    >> young people today (everywhere), are just not interested in typing to write
>    programs or communicate.
>    -- Scary to imagine where this could lead ...
>    We (all of us) can initiate process that will motivate contribution to community
>    from schools. 
>    What the difference between contributing a code and volunteer some-where? 
>    Some people can volunteer, some people can write brilliant things (See value "Linus
>    Torvalds", can anyone say that it be better to him volunteer gardening instead of
>    writing code?)
>    >> So I hope this helps!  
>    Course it helped a lot! Lots and lots of thanks!
>    Soon I will send email to groups specified. 
>    Thanks a lot!

Each act of volunteering contributes to the people and task and to your own self-education.

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