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Re: Debian Women Introduction

Hello Daniel !

Thanks for replay.

It is good idea to engage them with free software. but, i think it's too early for them.

I believe that first stage is to meet them with Debian Linux show them that there is other OS except Windows, 
Than explain them about open-source community and introduce them to the Debian community via video conference.

By doing this i hope it will encourage women to get more involved.

Next week i'll try to schedule time for video conference.

if you know people that might be interested to 
* Explain about Debian Linux
* Encourage women to be involved in community
* Introduce the community
* Display small presentation about open-source
* Explain why open-source is important 
* Why use Linux instead windows 
* Community that can adapt our girls and motivate them to contribute 

You might want to join them to this conversation :-)

On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 7:49 PM, Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.com.au> wrote:

Hi Yehuda,

Thanks for your email to Debian

I'm mentoring a female student in Google Summer of Code this year.  She
is working on the JSCommunicator project, which could be used to
facilitate a video call as you discussed.  JitMeet from the Jitsi team
could also be used.

One way you could quickly engage with free software may be to help
translate JSCommunicator - I understand Hebrew is the official language
in Israel so this might be a very easy way to participate in one of our
projects.  You can see how the Spanish translation was submitted here:



On 12/06/14 09:17, Yehuda Korotkin wrote:
> Hello Debian Women,
> My name is Yehuda Korotkin and I teach technologies in one of leading
> colleges for women in Israel.
> I thought about the possibility of introduce Debian and the Debian
> community to the girls that i teach.
> Our girls will install Debian Linux for the first time in their lives
> next week. I would like to take them on a journey in the Debian world
> (from installation to community behind code). And give them a feeling of
> welcome and belonging to Debian.
> I think would be fun and interesting to make a video conference call
> with community and give them a general explanation about Debian,
> introduce them to the community and get them welcome to the world of Debian
> We could allocate up to 45 minutes for this conference.
> The study hours are GMT+2 (Jerusalem Time) between Sun-Thu 10:00-19:00.
> I hope that in a soon will be more active profiles
> on https://www.debian.org/women/profiles/
> So, What do you say ?
> Pros?
> Cons?
>>>> Your opinion is important to me, tell me what you think
> --
> Regards,
> Yehuda Korotkin
> <http://www.korotkin.co.il/>
> web www.korotkin.co.il <http://www.korotkin.co.il/>
> mobile +972 (50) 414-6444
> email yehuda@korotkin.co.il <mailto:yehuda@korotkin.co.il>


Yehuda Korotkin

web www.korotkin.co.il

mobile +972 (50) 414-6444

email yehuda@korotkin.co.il

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