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Re: How many of the GSoC students are female?

On 23/04/14 18:25, Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> Cool!!
> I really didn't need their identities, I was just interested in the
> number, to see how GSoC might be helping reduce the gender gap.
> 10% is not such a bad proportion when comparing to the numbers at
> https://wiki.debian.org/DebianWomen/Projects/Statistics

Just to clarify, Juliana hasn't been selected to reduce the gender gap,
but because based on a range of criteria, she was the best candidate for
the task.

She originally contacted Debian (and myself) as a consequence of the
second round of OPW in 2013.

Out of five students selected for Ganglia, one of them is also female,
Chandrika Parimoo, who also applied to Debian for both OPW and GSoC in 2013.

So to put it in context, it is thanks to Debian's involvement in OPW
that we have attracted more good developers - who happen to be female.

It would be really interesting to understand what additional support the
debian-women group may be able to provide to help all three of these
women getting to know our community and identify opportunities that will
be relevant to them post-GSoC.

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