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Re: "Safe" teams (?)

On Sat, Apr 19, 2014 at 08:23:42PM +0200, Per Andersson wrote:

> > [1] https://contributors.debian.org/contributors/sources/flat
> Are those data sources only or also teams? I checked how to add to
> the list and arrive at data sources and debian contributors, nothing
> on how to add a link to a team (without any data source). Most, or even
> all, team participation is already covered by bugs|git|wiki.d.o data
> sources.

Good question. When I started working on contributors.debian.org I
used the name "Data sources" because I had the data model in mind, but
now I'm considering renaming them "Teams".

The site only knows teams that submit information to it, and the way to
make a team visible in the site is to send its contribution data.

A more complete list of teams in Debian is probably at
https://wiki.debian.org/Teams although it does not show if they are
still active.



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