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Re: Packaging task for newbies: Separate pink-pony into program and data

On Sun, 15 Sep 2013 12:38:20 +0100, 'lesleyb' wrote:

> > > Here's a question though, the package is in sid and I'm running wheezy.
> > >  Does
> > > that matter for packaging?
> > Not really, as long as you have all the dependencies available in wheezy,
> > which is the case. I use pbuilder to create packages in a clean sid
> > environment, no matter what I'm using in my desktop, but don't care about
> > that for the moment.

I'm also building everything in a cowbuilder chroot.

> What I really need, I suppose, is to set up a VM on Ubuntu so I can run any
> flavour of Debian I need.  So that will be my first step.

For building packages, setting up a sid chroot (pbuilder, cowbuilder,
sbuild/schroot) on your Ubuntu machine should just work fine.

Cf. e.g.


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