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Re: trasnlate debian-women web section

Hi Germana!
I am part of the Spanish translation team and contribute translations to the website.
I have translated the debian-women related pages, the files passed the revision process in the team and now are just in the queue for upload to the website; I hope that somebody with permissions upload them soon.
The wiki pages, however, are not translated.
I am in the phone now so I cannot point to links to the guides on translating the website or the wiki, but if you are interested, please subscribe to the debian-l10n-spanish or contact me directly and I can explain how it works and if you want, we can translate together the wiki pages and keep the others updated.
Laura Arjona

Germana Oliveira <germanaoliveirab@gmail.com> escribió:
>Hi! i think this is the first time i present myself, i am from 
>venezuela, Debian was my first distro i have learned a lot with it.... 
>and i want to learn and practice my english :D so sorry if i write 
>something crazy.
>I want to translate the debian-women section to spanish, i have been 
>reading it (again) and realize is  not in my language... it is the same
>way we translate the debian project web page?

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