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Re: Fighting Impostor Syndrome

On 08/16/2013 10:55 AM, Margarita Manterola wrote:
> Hi,


> One of the things that came up during the DebConf talk on Women in
> Debian is that a lot of women (and men as well) are affected by
> impostor syndrome.  This is when you feel that you are not good enough
> to "be here" (wherever here is, Debian, FOSS, your job, etc).

Just some thoughts:

I'm always amazed how much I can learn myself from helping new members.
I usually see that having someone who gives you a gentle push on the
right time is quite critical and I hope Debian Women can stay doing that.

Please don't be afraid to ask questions, posing questions shows your
interest and usually there is someone willing to help you get answers.



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