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Re: Thinking of organising a special mini-debconf


On Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 5:47 PM, Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org> wrote:
> The way they do that is manifold, and we might want to try some or all
> of them in the context of DebConf, depending on the available
> resources. Here is a non-exhaustive list (I'll add more as soon as I
> recall them :-)):

This is a good list, I definitely think that we should try to go for
this and maybe even more for DebConf.

> - at each conference edition, communicate about the percentage of women
>   speakers *at* the conference *and* on official project media, e.g.:
>   "this year we have X% women speakers, that's an increase of +Y% over
>   last year"

This is good, but we definitely need to actively recruit more female
speakers, otherwise the Y% might not be so nice.

> - reserve a given amount of well-visible (e.g. in the main talk room, or
>   advertising them as "keynotes") talk slots in the conference program
>   --- I guess this is not much of a problem for DebConf, as we rarely
>   fill up the conference program *before* the conference, but we might
>   want to think about something along similar lines

I think that the scheduling has been quite good in this sense,
although of course it makes sense to take it into account.

> - have specific travel grants / sponsoring for women speakers, possibly
>   explicitly inviting them from other projects.  Two remarks about this:
>   - we have had multiple editions of the "DebConf Newbie" initiative in
>     the past. This idea is very similar, but it will have a different
>     target public (women DebConf participants instead of newbies)

Yes, I suggested doing something like that this year, but it's hard to
market it in a way that doesn't trigger negative feelings for the
group that is not included in the special group, isn't it?


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