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Re: Rails Girls

Hi Llanos,

I actually sent to this list a similar email a month ago or so, to promote the Rails Girls workshop that was held in Galway, Ireland, last week.

Yuwei Lin, from Debian Women, gave a lightning talk about women in FLOSS:

Small workshops working on developing small Debian patches (although targeting people with some programming experience, unlike Rails Girls) could be a good idea to attract more female developers in the Debian community, as well.

All the best,

On 27/05/13 12:14, Llanos wrote:
Apologies if this is a bit off topic as it's not Debian related but
it's women and open source technologies related so I thought it could
be relevant for some women  (or men) on this list


They deliver workshops and organize coding sessions to help women to
get programming ruby on rails. There's lots all over the place:


It seems it was born in Finland, but nowadays is global and non-profit
volunteer community. I think it's a very nice initiative to help women
in IT.



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