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DW web and wiki


Finally, I found some time to continue what I started during
Debcamp/Debconf: I tried to organize DW wiki as we decided.

The plans were that we would have some rather static pages that will be
integrated in Debian web and some more dynamic pages that should be
integrated in the wiki.

The "static" pages are not ready yet and would be: Home, About, Profiles
and Contact. For now, these sections are links to the old page.

The sections in the wiki are: Projects, Press and Talks. A brief review
about them:

* Projects: a list of the projects and links to each of them.
   * Events: I reorganized all the section, especially the "training
sessions" page.
   * Mentoring Scheme: data here should be updated
   * Statistics: the graph should be updated as well
   * Newbie tasks: everybody is welcome to add ideas to the
* Press: if you have more articles or interviews, please add them.
* Talks: this section is completely empty. I'm sure there are talks
about DW around. Please, if you have one, add it to this section.

All these pages have now a main menu with links to the sections. I
created a template called http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWomen/Template to
create new pages.

Of course, everything is modifiable and suggestions are welcome. And
remember: it's a wiki, anyone can edit ;)


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