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Re: Finding a mentor

Hi Maria, Hi everybody reading ;)

Here is the way -> http://wiki.debian.org/HelpDebian


Le 5 avril 2012 20:43, María <meccomaria@gmail.com> a écrit :
Dear all,

Hello! My name is María and I wrote this e-mail about 5 to 6 months ago to mentoring@women.debian.org but got no answer so far... I am really interested on debian and so I send it again to this list in case the other list is not being followed or doesn't exist anymore. Sorry if I am spamming your mailing list. ^-^

I am interested in working on Debian development. I am a computer scientist, but my knowledge of Linux is still limited. However, I really like gnu license and the debian social contract, so I would like to get deeply involved. Right now I work at UPV modifying a hypervisor called Xtratum, so I have a basic knowledge of Operating System level programming. I would like to program and fix bugs. My final goal is to be able to help with kernel maintenance and enhancement, but by now I would like to learn all the basics that may help me achieve this goal.

Please give me some advice if possible. I am Spanish and can manage English. I can also understand Catalan. I wouldn't mind helping with translations and documentation, but as I already said, I am mainly interested in programming and bugs.

Thank you very much for your kind attention.


Thank you again and let me know if anybody can help me.
Nice Easter!

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