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Updates on the site and a proposal ;)

Hi all,

first of all I'd like to propose a minor change on women.debian.org
website: as Debian will be also this year part of GSoC program, we'd need
to provide a link to the way a newcomer can connect to mentors (not GSoC
mentors, just mentors in the main project in general).
Ana proposed the link to Debian Women Mentoring project but we'd probably
need to point out better, in that page, that the program is aimed both for
women and men. 

Maybe adding something like "Please note that also men can apply for our
Mentoring Program!" at the end of "Welcome to the mentoring program!"
paragraph (the first one).

What do you think about?

Now, browsing my long long long todo list I've found that we kinda agree
on a migration of women.d.o into the main Debian website (see [1]). 
Before asking to webmasters about it, I'd like to ask you again about it.
And, another thing: finally was reached a consensus on the licence for
www.d.o and since last January new contributions are licenced with MIT or
GPL-2+ (see [2]). If we decide for the migration, we'll need to relicence
content of women.d.o under MIT or GPL-2+ licence (now is under GPL-2,
even if I noted that on the test site created by Tassia the footer says
In that case, I'll just send a mail asking for the relicencement to all
people who have committed something on women.d.o but before doing it, I'd
like to know your points of view on this.


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-women/2011/08/msg00018.html
[2] http://www.debian.org/license
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