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Re: Summary of the DW BOF session at DebConf11

On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 11:22:19AM -0300, Margarita Manterola wrote:
> Hi!
> There was a BOF session at DebConf11 related to Debian Women, kindly
> held by Meike, which I attended virtually thanks to the awesome work
> of the Video Team, and the help of the participants when the video
> link had gone down.
> The minutes are available by using gobby-0.5 to connect to
> gobby.debian.net (debconf11/dc11-dw-bof). I'll make a summary of what
> was discussed so that we can discuss some further tasks as to how to
> go on:
> 1) About mentoring
> The mentoring process has been on-going for a long while, but
> unfortunately has not had enough publicity, so much so that many of us
> thought that it was stalled.  We need to give it more publicity,
> because without it, we can't reach potential mentees. We also need to
> compose some sort of mentoring "curriculum" or templates, to help the
> many people that don't know where to start. Also, it seems that many
> mentees tend to just go away.  Apparently more pinging is necessary to
> know what's going on.
> Tasks:
>  * Create a Mentoring "Curriculum" to help both mentors and mentees.
>  * Advertise the Mentoring project more.
>  * Have someone pinging mentors and mentees to know what's going on.
> 2) "How to help"
> A lot of people want to help Debian, but don't really know where to
> start.  In order to encourage them and keep them collaborating, we
> need to have a straightforward answer to the "Where do I start?"
> question.  A suggestion that was put forward was having
> "Mini-projects" for people to join, that have simple tasks available.
> Of course this means that someone has to lead these projects.
> Tasks:
>  * Think of possible Mini-Projects where people can start contributing
> to Debian without feeling too daunted by the size of it.
>  * Think of other ready made easy answers to the "How can I help?" question

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