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Converting ikiwiki to mediawiki

Hi, I hope you don't mind the question. I've seen y'all often discus
ikiwiki so I thought I'd try to ask. Or if you can think of the right
place to ask instead, that would be nice. I couldn't find ikiwiki
mailing lists.

So, how can I convert ikiwiki to mediawiki? We would like some of
mediawiki's features and are having problems with ikiwiki. Someone
gave me a dump of the ikiwiki files, but they're not plaintext, and I
can't figure out what format they are (neither can file(1), it thinks
they're HTML, but they have lots of control characters).

I guess I could UTSL to figure out how to parse this dump, but I was
wondering if someone else had an easier solution.

Thanks, and sorry again if the question isn't appropriate,
- Jordi G. H.

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