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Re: Debian mascot

Quoting Amaya (amaya@debian.org):
> Still seeing certain "mascots" in this site saddens me:
> http://debianart.org/poll/
> This is what I sent them:
> "Please do not use gendered stereotypes. And if you have to, do not
> sexualize female "mascots". -- Amaya, with her Debian Women hat on"
> Be kind, but be firm. 

I agree, to some extent. Indeed, imho, number 4 and (particularly) 11
mascots fit your complaint. On the other hand, other figures such as
number 2, though clearly using a female appearance, seen well
acceptable to me (number 2 and 3 seem to go together, one with a
female look and the other with a male one....not that I like them that

For what is worth, anyway, there is none in these mascots that I
really like. Even penguins (Debian!=Linux). Maybe 2 and 3 *together*?

My opinion and, indeed, only mine...:)

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