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Re: updates about the website?

Hi Erin!

2011/6/10 Erinn Clark <erinn@debian.org>:
> What's the status of the website migration? There was a huge flurry of activity
> which seems to have more or less slowed down.
I've been offline most of time during the past weeks, sorry for that.

> Most of the website looks pretty good and complete to me -- should we organize
> a quick meeting to try to finish up all of the final bits and figure out how to migrate
> it to the women.d.o host?
Great, let's do it!

Alice was going to contact all those women and ask them to update
their profiles, I don't know which ones are already up to date. We
have also talked about redesigning the whole section, with new
questions and a different layout, I don't remember if anyone was
already working on that.

We also need to decide about the blog, if we really want a frontpage
with "recent news" content.

> Relatedly, has anyone looked into how ikiwiki handles translations and how easy
> it will be to set up?
No I haven't. And due to my lack of time I'd appreciate if someone
else could take this task :-)


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