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Re: New round of IRC sessions

El dc 08 de 06 de 2011 a les 23:46 +0200, en/na Francesca Ciceri va
> Hi all,
> I'm finally organizing the new round of IRC sessions: the schedule isn't
> yet defined, as I'm waiting for answers from people I've contacted, but
> I'd like to share with you the progress on the organization.

I was missing these irc sessions. Count on me!

> After a chat with zack, we've decided to use - for the IRC sessions - a
> specific channel (#debian-meeting) mostly because using a specific 
> channel for sessions (a channel already existing,
> btw) could help in encourage people to organize sessions and meetings on
> it: let's say that someone would like to know more about a
> debian-specific topic, then she/he could simply search for an expert on
> that topic and ask her/him for a irc session. The idea is to create
> something like ubuntu classrooms or ubuntu developer's week. 
> The sessions will start on Friday 10th at 19:00 UTC with "Ask the DPL",
> which is for now the only session confirmed.
> The hour was chosen trying to fit most timezones possible.

So, tomorrow! I'll be there :-)


PS: Congratulations again, you'll be a great DD!

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