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Re: Building packages from source tutorial - announcement RFC

Hi Marga!

2011/4/29 Margarita Manterola <margamanterola@gmail.com>:
> I will need help with spreading this, so if anyone wants to try and do
> some "outreach", it'd be great.
I'm already working on the translation for portuguese and will help
with the outreach in Brazil.

Another idea about this IRC event would be to have additional channels
per language, such as debian-woman-pt, just in case people cannot
comunicate very well in english. I could be online to answer questions
in portuguese. What do you think about that?

Just a small comment about the message, if there is still time for that...
> Are you enthusiastic about Debian and thinking about contributing? We
> want to teach you the basics.
What about substituting "teach you the basics" by "help you with the basics"?



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