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Re: Website

On 29/04/11 12:28 AM, Erinn Clark wrote:
> * Tássia Camões <tassia@gmail.com> [2011:04:27 16:29 -0300]: 
>> Hi!
>> I've started to play wiki Ikiwiki as a proposal for the new DW
>> website: http://tassia.org/dw/
>> What about having an IRC meeting to talk about that?
> Awesome work! An IRC meeting sounds fine. I'm not sure what all needs to be
> done for the transfer, accounts, etc. but I'd like to find out. 

This is a good idea!

My chances of being able to be online whenever it is are slim (I'm not online
much these days), but it would be great if someone could record and post a
transcript or a summary so that I, and others, can learn about what was discussed.


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