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Okay so we want ....


Just trying to catch up with the list - such a  burst of activity!!

Okay so I have one mini project on the mentoring side to do
then there was a call for some LaTeX slides to be made up.  While my
LaTeX skills are a little rusty I could get through such a task.
And then look see if we can get a template set up in LaTeX for the d-w
project?  Or has that LaTeX slide project been done?

And now we want an irc->identi.ca bot ..Mackenzie's suggestion noted..
What about a twitter feed too? maybe some way to auto post on  linked
in? and facebook?  diaspora? (has anyone got an account on that yet?)
I can probably have a bit of fun working on these :)

And I think it would be a great idea to move the w.d.o website into
ikiwiki. Limiting the ability to change /update the project specific
site is necessary.  Any predominantly female activity in a STEM
environment seems to be a target some personality types are unable to
resist.   I'd be interested in helping on moving things over :)

And there is still *plenty* of areas to push the boundaries on  -  the
acceptance of condescending, patronising and excluding behaviour
toward technically able women in a predominately male environment.
Inculcating in ourselves the ability to stand up for ourselves and
assert our viewpoint within or with reference to our own domain
without feeling we have to apologise for doing so?

Kind Regards

Lesley Binks

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