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Updating stats, thinking about what to do

Hey all,

Today, after chatting a bit with Meike, I took the time to update the
stats and the graph located at

Since I did it last year, we've only had 2 new female uploaders, and
Francesca has started the process to become a non-uploading DD (which
will be tracked in the stats as a any other DD, I guess) but that's
about it.

I've realized that no new female contributor has become a DD since
2008.  And it worries me.  It's been 3 years since Meike and Miriam
became DDs.  We want more new women joining the project, and I feel
that if it's not happening, it's because we are doing something wrong.

Also, quoting Meike: "When the DPL was elected in 2004 there were 911
Debian Developers eligible to vote, 4 of them were female. Shortly
after debian-women was founded. When the DPL was elected in 2011 there
were again 911 Debian Developers eligible to vote, but this time 12 of
them were women. Optimistically put that's three times as many.
Realistically that puts us from 0.4% to 1.3%"

Last year, we did the IRC training sessions which worked fine, and I
hope that they can happen again this year.  Apart from that, is there
something that we might do to get more women to contribute to Debian?

I think it'd be very interesting to read the opinions of those that
are not really involved yet, because that would help us get new points
of view, and help us achieve our goals better.


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