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Re: Ada Initiative

Following up Patty's message introducing AdaInitiative, if you have 5 minutes, please take this @AdaInitiative survey about women in open technology and culture! http://svy.mk/adacensus2011

More info on:

Best wishes,

Yuwei Lin | yuwei at ylin dot org

On 08/02/11 21:30, Patty Langasek wrote:
Hey all!

I just received an email from an awesome friend of mine who has just
launched Ada Initiative(0) with another friend of hers. You can read their
press release at(1).

Summary: Ada Initiative's goal is to promote women in open technology and
culture by increasing participation through recruitment, training and

I'm excited for them, and am excited to find out how I can be a part of it,

0 - http://adainitiative.org/
1 - http://adainitiative.org/2011/02/ada-initiative-launches-to-promote-women-in-open-technology-and-culture/

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