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feedback about IRC sessions

Sorry for the long reply.

== The wiki ==
First I have made a change in
to update it with the information given by Francesca Ciceri.
I also added the people in charge of the IRC organisation and the
transcription of the log

== The feed back ==
Those sessions are great. We must try to have them for the long term.
Personnaly I have difficulties to join the IRC meeting but I have read
and used some very interesting tutorials.
Even if there are not a lot of people during the IRC meeting, it is
important spread the knowledge of the trainer and to have a tutorial in
the wiki.
I think one session per week is to much if there is a lot of things to
learn and/or practice.

== suggestions ==
I have also several suggestions.

=== about organisation ==
One DWTS (Debian Women Training Session) every two weeks should be fine.
More people should organise the IRC session or work on the transcription
if you are willing to do it more often. (or for the years to come)

=== about series ===
I suggests other series.
The purpose of these suggestions is to make it possible to anyone who
helps Debian to volunteer to be a trainer.
And that there could be several sessions about the same topic.
So we could go a every time further and deeper.

=== about technical aspect ===
1. ** How -it- works in Debian **  the name of the serie about technical
    Which could be alternate with the other series.

2. ** Questions about ... **  : new name for ** Ask the ...**
   a questions and answers serie.

3. ** HowToDoIt ** : is also a good name for a serie.

=== about organisation and teams ===

3. ** My tasks in debian as ** : new name for ** Ask the ...**
	not only questions and answers

4.  ** Ask the lady about ** name of a new serie which would be the same
as **ask the**
     but just for women. To promote Women in Debian ...

5. ** You can help us with THIS **  could be an other name for a serie.
   If a team is in lack of man power and there is a very special thing
some people can do
   to help and so he can explain how

6. I have the feeling that ** One day with (a team) ** could be an
   to the work of the team.

For exemple about i18n you could ask for someone do a ** One day with (a
team) **
	then do a few "ask the lady about translation" and/or **my task in
debian as translator for www.d.o**
	and/or ** How PO files works in Debian **
	and finaly ** My tasks in Debian as translation coordinator**
	So we could begin now a series about i18n  even if Christian doesn't
have time for this yet.

If you have other ideas of series don't hesitate to share them.

== conclusion ==
We could perhaps go the the team devel mailing lists and ask if there
are volunteers to be trainers.
if DWTS happens every two weeks, we will have 50 of them for Wheezy.

I hope there will be DWTS in the near futur even ever after, and beyond



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