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Re: Perhaps did I get a virus over the list?

Hello Michelle Konzack,

thank you very much for your quick response!

> The trojan can not even executed on a Linux system.
> It is speciay made for M$ Windos.

Yes - but, maybe I am a little paranoid, I am sometimes unconfident ...
for example related to the question "what about infecting someones
windows pc in the case of having a virus on my usb stick and using
someones pc with this usb stick"

> Are you sure, they came from <listz.debbian.org>?

Especially for the files
ML-DebianWomen/PartNo_0#3121250411 -> HTML:Banker-D [Trj] = 2,9MB
ML-DebianWomen	-> HTML:Banker-D [Trj] =  2,9MB
I am absolutely sure, because in this folder is  exclusively for my
mails from debian-woman.

> Do you have the headers of the EMail?
Unfortunately not. I just have the message from my junk filter:
"Die Nachricht SOLUSI <solusi_keuangan9@yahoo.com> - kredit tanpa agunan
scb solusi keuangan anda wurde am 14.11.2010 03:47:03 als Junk
eingestuft Nachricht (ID= 30210632.post@talk.nabble.com) verschoben nach

I clear the junk folder each week ...

As I wrote: I tried to understand what is the case with these warnings
and I was a little bit freaked out :(

Petra Kubina
Am 06.02.2011 02:01, schrieb Michelle Konzack:
> Hello Petra Kubina,
> Am 2011-02-06 00:12:15, hacktest Du folgendes herunter:
>> Then I wondered about a possible interrelationship betrween the file  of
>> the mailinglist and the file in my drafts folder (of course: I do not
>> write any mailes at any time with an attachement of about 155MB!!!
> Oops?
>> But when I realized "The Trojan copies itself to the Windows folder" and
>> if I consider that all attempts of "poor" trojan to find a windows
>> folder on my computer were in vain, maybe the trojan leave it instead in
>> my drafts folder?!
> The trojan can not even executed on a Linux system.
> It is speciay made for M$ Windos.
>> What do you think about that? I will report the mails as spam (did not
>> know before that it ist possible over the html-mailingarchive ...
> Are you sure, they came from <listz.debbian.org>?
> I am on many lists here and never gotten a virus.
> All oversized messages (>50 kByte)  from  NOT  WHITELISTED  senders  are
> automaticaly quarantined.  So, if there is a  Virus,  I  would  know  it
> immediately.
> Do you have the headers of the EMail?
>> Best regards,
>> Petra
> Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
>     Michelle Konzack

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