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Re: presentation & wanting to contribute

On 29 September 2010 11:15, Mònica <monica@laquimera.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> First, I would like to introduce myself: my name is Mònica, I am an IT teacher and have been in free software world for some years. Specifically, I've been using Debian for, more or less, 10 years and have been collaborating with some local groups to promote its use.

Hi Monica - glad to have you on board :)

> I don't know if I have enough technical abilities to be a DD, but I really would like to try it or to help in any other area. Moreover, before summer, I contacted with Ana and Miriam from Debian and they encouraged me to try this experience. So, I think it's the time I contribute to Debian :-)

A good mentor will help you find places where you can contribute.
> I have read "Bits from Debian Women project" and I am really interested in the IRC training sessions. Moreover, I think I need a mentor to guide me because I am a little bit lost... Debian is huge!!! Maybe it's better I write to mentoring@women.debian.org and explain what I know, isn't it?

Debian is a big project with a huge diversity of people working within
it.  I think it does help to have a friendly someone to guide you.

For specifically the Debian Women project please check/view/bookmark
the following :

http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWomen for more info on the DW project
and especially
for any mentoring questions.

We're on the usual irc channel, #debian-women on oftc.net, of course.

Likewise please check/view/bookmark http://wiki.debian.org/Teams.
That shows you a useful 'classification' of projects into
infrastructure and core, Debian development and the different
packaging teams so you can see what types of wider projects there are
out there.

> I hope I can contribute and help!
> Cheers
> PS: I know my English is not the best, I'm trying to improve it ;-)
Your English is streets ahead of my Spanish/Portugese (?)
> --
> Mònica


Kind Regards

Lesley Binks

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