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Re: current status and HOWTO help with the women.d.o website

On 31 March 2010 20:15, Ana Guerrero <ana@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 07:52:17AM +0800, Paul Wise wrote:
>> On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 6:28 AM, Ana Guerrero <ana@debian.org> wrote:
>> > the wiki
>> > ---------
>> > The Debian Women wiki has been removed, it was not widely used but it contained
>> > some howto and tutorials in several languages. All this stuff should be copied
>> > to wiki.debian.org.
>> > I have a dump of it and it contains almost 3000 pages, being most of them
>> > unsurprisingly spam. I need help sorting it and copying the valuable stuff
>> > to wiki.debian.org. It is a time consuming job but it is easier to do, if
>> > you want to help tell me!
>> I'm one of the wiki.d.o admins (along with Erinn Clark and Franklin
>> Piat). IIRC the women.d.o wiki was using moinmoin like wiki.d.o, so if
>> you would like we can directly import all (or some of) the pages
>> (including their history) and merge the user databases. I probably
>> don't have time to help sort out the spam though.
>> I'd like to see some of those pages moved into debian-policy/devref,
>> the maintainer scripts page for example is extremely useful and it
>> would be great to see that in policy.
> Yes, the wiki was a moimoin instance. I will contact you when I have sorted
> out all the spam stuff. I already got one volunteer to help me, more help
> welcome =)
> Thanks,
> Ana
Hi Ana

How is this all going?  Still need any help?



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