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Re: please migrate women.d.o

[sorry for the short reply, I'm a bit busy right now]

On Tue, 30 Mar 2010, Ana Guerrero wrote:

> I do not remember exactly how the website was built and I can not enter to
> rietz to check, but the contents are under subversion at
> http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/women/trunk
> So I guess maybe move whatever used to regenerate the website and switch 
> the DNS to a new machine is all that it needs. Is there any Debian machine 
> where we could maybe the website? IIRC it did only require WML to generate 
> the static content.

You should have an account on rietz, but given that it's still running
etch we have decided to firewall it off somewhat.  You should be able to
jumphost to rietz through master or merkel however.

If all we need in the new place is static serving of files you could put
the stuff onto senfl.  I made an /srv/women.debian.org for now, we can
set up apache later.

Or, you could migrate the static content into www.debian.org, maybe
under /women or whatever else seems sane.  That would give you
translations, wider exposure and higher availability (www.d.o is a
mirrored round robin service).  Of these probably translation are the
most useful thing.  If you decide to go down that road you might want to
coordinate with d-www.

> About the wiki, I think we could export the valuable content to the Debian
> wiki and kill it. Given how little time there is for doint it, could you make
> a dump of the content? I will look at it locally copying to wiki.d.o
> what is not spam and worthwhile.

I guess you should be able to get this yourself once you have access to
rietz.  If not please let us know.

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