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Media query: article on women who contribute to Debian


Sam Varghese of iTWire has told me that he's interested in doing a piece about
women in the Debian project and has sent me the following queries to be posted
on this list, in case someone else is interested in contributing. I
think it might be a
good way to give a bit more visibility to the project.

> Anyone who wishes to respond, please do so to sam.varghese@itwire.com
> 1. How did you come to get involved in Debian?
> 2. What are the pros you have found in being part of the team?
> 3. And what are the cons?
> 4. Do you attend the yearly DebConf? If not, why?
> 5. Do you find it difficult to be part of such a small minority at a gathering like this
> or does the common interest override that?
> 6. Few women are drawn to free/open source software. How do you think women can
> be encouraged to join projects which are in desperate need of contributors?
> If you have any other comments, please feel free to add them at the end. Also
> please give your full name, a short bio, and indicate how you would like to be referred
> to in the article (first time would obviously be by your full name, I'm asking about the
> second reference as some people like their first name to be used, others are okay
> with the surname).


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