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Re: Merits of a meritocracy

On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 11:30:37AM +0000, Lesley Binks wrote:
> Hi
> http://geekfeminism.org/2009/11/29/questioning-the-merit-of-meritocracy/
> seems a good read
indeed. The idea of advancement though merit alone is not quite true,
certainly. As the article mentions, other people have to notice your work, you
have to promote your work to your social network and, of course, the judgement
of your work has to be without bias. This certainly would effect people who
are shy, quite, not attention-hounds, not pushy, not involved in the social
dynamics of advancement and groups that the majority do not judge fairly.  I
wonder if instead of names attached to contributions, a pseudonomious
identifier was used, to make the background of a person less immediately
obvious. "8898344@debian.org made a good patch" VS. "Jill Hacker of Uganda
added a useful feature" (similar to 'blind audition')
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