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Re: OWNED: MikeeUSA's code in geekfeminism.org

Quoting Meike Reichle (meike@debian.org):
> Miriam Ruiz wrote @ 19/10/09 22:44:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > If you have ever been harassed by MikeeUSA and wanna have a laugh,
> > take a look at http://geekfeminism.org/2009/10/19/mikeeusas-code-now-available-on-geekfeminism-org/
> Been harassed, read, laughed :)

Even though I've not been harassed (I have been insulted by this kid,
though, being one of those men without balls who deeply believes you
ladies brought a lot to us through all "women in Free Software"
projects)....it seems that I really need to have a look. 

My only fear is not being able to laugh as loud as you because I could
be missing the needed technical expertise to understand.....which is
(imho) even more funny.

And as I wasted your time by sending this useless mail, I use a few
more bytes as an opportunity to just say hi to friends I have in this

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