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Re: Learning now coding in Perl :-)

On Wed May 21 2008 14:04:39 Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Since I am currently not financial-fit I am looking for a FREE
> (of charge) tutorial or documentation for Perl-Programming.
> I like to have it in HTML for reading on my Laptop and in PDF to
> print it out.

Since there haven't been many responses permit me to chime
in with a few thoughts:

PERL has not changed much in recent years, as we're waiting
for PERL 6.  Since PERL hasn't changed much, PERL books from
five years ago are still useful.  You can often find PERL
books in used bookstores at very reasonable prices - probably
less than the cost of the ink to print a PDF.


You can learn PERL from the man pages.  Do "man perl" and
scroll down to see the huge number of useful man pages
provided by PERL, including several tutorials.  They're
useful if you can't find a book but frankly I found the
books *much* easier to follow.

--Mike Bird

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