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Re: Women's Linux Distro (could it become reality?)

On Sat, Sep 29, 2007 at 06:37:25AM +0200, Tina Isaksen wrote:
> I put this 'senegal' person in the troll category.

Yes, the person:

- is using a pseudonym
- is posting from a Yahoo! Mail account
- is connecting to Yahoo! Mail using a tor anonymizing proxy
- is linking to obviously inflammatory content and posting generally
  ridiculous ideas.

They have been banned from further posting to this mailing list. 
Unfortunately, people are all too willing to reply to trolls, which is why
these are the longest threads on this list in months (and why trolling
exists as a phenomenon).

> But this troll (or whatever he/ she is) must have been 
> extremely active because he/she has lead to not one [1] but two [2] 
> articles on Linux.com!

The original mails were cross-posted to multiple lists; but Bruce Byfield at
least seems to follow this list, I just don't see why he thought this was
worth writing an article about.

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