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Fwd: Women in Open Source at SoCal Linux Expo 6x

not sure if this list has seen this yet:

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Date: Sep 12, 2007 6:13 PM
Subject: Fwd: Women in Open Source at SoCal Linux Expo 6x

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From: Gareth J. Greenaway <g@socallinuxexpo.org>
 Date: Aug 28, 2007 3:30 PM
Subject: Women in Open Source at SoCal Linux Expo 6x
To: xman@google.com

The Linux Expo of Southern California is proud to announce their second Women
in Open Source Conference. The conference will be held on February 8th, 2008
in conjunction with the 6th Annual So Cal Linux Expo.

Continuing our efforts to encourage women of all ages to be a part of the free
and open source community, we invite you to showcase your work on Free and
Open Source projects. Join us in sharing your accomplishments, success
stories, and advancements.

Past attendees at this event have included women in technology, teachers, and
parents of young girls.

Widespread acceptance of the Linux Expo and participation by the user
community have established SCALE as the premiere Open Source conference in
the Southwest. 2008 marks the sixth year that SCALE has been engaging and
inspiring the open source community. Our event is uniquely community-based
and attracts a wide variety of sponsors, non-profit groups, user groups, and

The Call For Papers for the Women In Open Source conference can be found here:

Gareth J. Greenaway  | g@socallinuxexpo.org
Voice - 877-831-2569 x130
Southern California Linux Expo

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