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Re: Bay area chicas: LinuxWorld Debian Dinner

Hi there!
I will be around, I am participating on linuxworld, we (sfccp.net) will
be doing a BOF about community colocations[1]. 
Is it ok to join the dinner? I am just following this list and haven't beeing
to any of the debian meetings/gatherings, but I would like to meet the people and
see more how things are done/organized.

[1] BOF info in case anyone is intresting :)
BOF16:  How to Start a Community Co-Location Project in Your City
08/08/2007, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Isabela Fernandes, FOUNDER, ORGANIZER, SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR, San Francisco Community Colocation Project.

San Francisco CCP is a node in a larger network of non-profit community colocation 
projects. CCP's collectively purchase space at colocation facilities and spread the 
costs across every member (who must be non-profit community groups or free software 
projects). This enables non-profits to rack their own servers at cost. We will 
discuss organizational logistics and how to start a community colo in your own city.
We'll also discuss the importance of community networks and the value of 
collectively-owned ISP's in terms of free speech and digital rights. 
We'll look at our court case with Diebold as an example.

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