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Re: Debian Women anniversary June 21st at Debconf

2007/5/27, Erinn Clark <erinn@debian.org>:
Hey everyone,

On June 21st, Debian Women will be three years old. Given the relative
inactivity of late, I think it's high time we re-started the project.
Since many of us will be at Debconf and our anniversary falls in the
middle of it, I think we should get together and work on stuff and come
up with new ideas. Our retention rate is pretty good, and a lot of
people who got involved early are still quite active in Debian, but we
haven't attracted lots of new people in a long time.

I was talking to Meike Reichle (aka alphascorpii on IRC) and she had
some good ideas (which I am either paraphrasing or adding to): we should
definitely have a party to celebrate what we've done so far, but also as
a "relaunch" -- new projects, new site, new wiki, basically a rebirth
theme. I think these all sound great and I like the overarching theme.

The actual anniversary falls on the Thursday of the "Ceilidh" (which is
some kind of formal party for Debconf). I reckon we could have a dual
celebration there and make other time during the week for having our own
BoF and hack sessions.

So how many of you out there are interested in this? How many will be at
Debconf? Let me know of any ideas you have! I'm excited. :)

Great idea!! Count on me!!! :)


PS1: How formal will it be?

PS2: On tuesday I will know for sure whether I have permission at work to go  and about the days I will be able to go, but I count on being there.

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