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Re: Introductions

On 4/3/07, Kevin Mark <kevin.mark@verizon.net> wrote:

Welcome! Its a funny coincidence that I read live.linuxchix.org blog
roll and remembered there was someone on there thats from t&t -- goes by
the name lilandra[0] on the posts. And I was reading about something
called ´doubles' that I will try to seekout in my area that lilandra had
a picture of. Since t&t is not a big place, maybe you two can create
your own t&t linuxchix group :-)

Hi all,

Thanks for the welcomes and links.
I've already found IRC :-)

Um, so, I should say that although it was helix that pushed me into
re-installing Debian, it was Kevin who said, "join the lists". On my

So, it would be kind of hard for me to found this lovely dream of that
two-person LinuxChix group :-) I should, however, make a resolve to be
an active participant of TTLUG.

What can I say, I take instruction well. Which could be a bad thing.

Kevin, where are you at? If there is a thriving Caribbean population,
there should be doubles hidden somewhere...


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