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Re: Introductions

Hi from Norway and welcome to Debian!

Helen Faulkner wrote:
Hi Laylaa, everyone,
I recently got reminded that Debian is the one true OS (for me) and
that I have no right to not be running it, not even for pesky
installation problems (so, I won't mention any others I currently have

You are welcome to ask questions about any problems you have on this mailing
list, on the relevant user mailing list - I suggest debian-user [1], or on the
#debian-women irc channel [2].  We are a friendly bunch and there is no such
thing as a dumb question.
I'd just like to also mention "Debian User Forums" [1] which I co-admin. We have a great bunch of very helpful and nice people. Although it's not an official Debian forum we have almost 10 000 members (Of course, all ten thousand members are not equally active). Stop by if you like, we are a friendly lot. :)


1. http://forums.debian.net/

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