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Joining the debconf proofreading project and debian-l10n-english?

Dear D-W contributors,

I know that many of you are either English native speakers...or really
good English speakers.

I'm currently working on a new project just named "debconf rewrite
project" (no pet name yet, feel free to propose one!).

The aim of the project is taking packages that use
debconf one by one, based on their popcon score, and:

-review the debconf templates
-update translations
-get new translations

(that could later be extended to other parts of packages, such as man
pages, documentation, packages descriptions, etc.)

First details in

The first part needs of course good English skills and this is exactly
where I expect some people in this community to be helpful.

I'm currently working on the project material (annoucement, various
templates for mails exchanged with maintainers, reviewers, etc.).

This work is done on debian-l10n-english, so I encourage those of who
whoc would be interested to join that mailing list.

We're particularly seeking out for non British speakers because the
current native speakers in d-l10n-english essentially originate from
the UK. A wider experience is certainly something that would be good,
so US, Canadian, Australian, NZ and all other English-speaking people,
please join the (non marching) band.

Of course, anyone with decent English skills is free to join. Do not
let the French Cabal be alone, that could be dangerous.


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