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New Zealand Linxuchix chapter

Dear Debian Women:

I guess it's possible there are other .nz women reading this list
other than me, so:

Tuesday 27 February - Announcing Linuxchix New Zealand.

LinuxChix NZ is a community for women who like Linux, and for women and men
who want to support women in computing.

Linuxchix NZ is a new chapter of an international linuxchix community.
Globally, membership ranges from complete novices to experienced users, and
includes professional and amateur programmers, system administrators, linux
kernel developers, database adminstrators, QA testers, technical writers, and
computer journalists.

Linuxchix NZ activities include support forums, mentoring, training courses,
social meetups and linux install fests.

Linuxchix is run by women and for women. Membership is free - the only
requirement is that members be polite and be helpful.

Women make up approximately 42% of NZ's IT Industry, but once data entry and
unskilled work is excluded this drops to somewhere nearer 15%.

Linuxchix, and the New Zealand chapter of Linuxchix exists to connect women
working in the IT industry, contributing to FOSS, as well as female users of
the Linux operating system looking for support and community.

For more information, visit http://linuxchix.org.nz or email

context: http://she.geek.nz || http://catalyst.net.nz

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