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[sfccp] san francisco community colo project

Hi debian-women, 

I am toya from brasil (work with birosca a digital inclussion for women group),
some people might remember me from the beginning of this list but I normally 
am a reader more then a speaker in here. 

I am helping now with the SFCCP project and I am writing here because I
thought any of the debian-women sysadmins in the Bay Area would be intrested
in a new non-commercial, community network with a colocation facility 
in downtown San Francisco.
If you operate a server for an open source project, a non-profit
organization or non-commercial personal use, you qualify to host your 
server at the San Francisco Community Colocation Project's colo at 
6th & Brennan in downtown San Francisco.

Your share of the collectively-purchased space & bandwidth starts
around $45/1U/month.

We have run a non-profit colo facility in the Bay Area for 5 years --
and now we are opening the doors to our newest colo in SF. We are
part of a network that includes other community colos in Seattle,
Chicago, Toronto and Washington DC. 
We are also committed to protection of online free speech. In 2003,
for example, we received a DMCA take-down order from Diebold regarding
documents that had been posted to our servers that shed an
embarrassing light on Diebold's eletronic voting machines. The
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) took up the case and Diebold
backed down. A corporate colo probably would have forced the client to
comply with Diebold's lawyers.

If any of this sounds good to you, please get in touch! 
1) Email us -> inquire@sfccp.net
2) Check out our website -> http://www.sfccp.net/
For more information on the Diebold case, see
Thanks for your time,
San Francisco Community Colocation Project

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