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Re: News from Peru: LinuxChix group announced

Hola Ruby! Hola Silvia! Estoy encantada de la iniciativa Linuxchix Perú.
Estamos aquí para ayudarles en todo lo que necesiten.

Hace aproximadamente un año, recibí un correo electrónico de una chica de la
Universidad San Antonio Abad de Cusco, que tenía muchas ganas de conocer
más chicas que trabajasen con Linux.  Después de algunos correos no tuve
más respuesta de ella, quién sabe si vosotras tendréis más suerte. Su
nombre es Maria Del Carmen, y su direción electrónica es

¡Felicidades y mucho éxito!

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Hi Ruby, Hi Silvia! I'm glad to hear about the Linuxchix Peru announce.
Anything you may need, please let us know. We are here to help you.

Like a year ago, I received a mail from a women at Universidad San Antonio
Abad de Cusco, which wanted to get in touch with women involved in Linux.
We exchange some emails, but then I lost contact. Maybe you can find her.
Her name is Maria Del Carmen, and her mail is c_maricita@hotmail.com.

Congratulations on your initiative, success!

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> [ Adding Sulamita to the cc: list, she is involved with LinuxChix-BR ]
> On 07/25/2006 03:41 PM, Rudy Godoy wrote:
>> Hi, I'm pleased to let you know this. A group of girls, some of them
>> already involved for some years on our local groups, have decided to
>> gather and found linuxchix peru, they were working hard since some
>> months ago and will make the official launch on september 23 (spring
>> day here).
>> I've met them last week and they are very enthusiastic about all of
>> this. One thing they lack is contact with other chix around the world,
>> so I believe it would be cool if some of the subscribers can send them
>> greetings and get in touch with them, I can act as translator if needed.
>> And of course feel free to forward this to all lists you think it's
>> relevant.
>> Here's the preliminar announce[0] from the leader[1] and a little note
>> on
>> APESOL's portal[2]. Both are in spanish though.
>> 0-
>> http://silviadeene.blogspot.com/2006/07/nace-linuxchix-per-i-parte.html
>> 1- I'm CC'ing her as you may note.
>> 2- http://www.apesol.org/news/239
> 	I'm aware of [1]LinuxChix-BR (Brasil). Maybe they could be
> in touch. I could act as a translator if it is needed. :-)
> 1.http://www.linuxchix.org.br
> 	Kind regards,
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