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Re: we want YOU

Hi D-W

This may be of interest to some of you!


Anna wrote:
> hi,
> indymedia isn't know for being especially strong on the feminist side.
> actually (media) activism, technology and feminism is a combination of
> things that often don't go together well.
> on the other side we have in the international indymedia network a group
> of women who work together more or less closely for years, stretched
> over several continents (mostly from the north and west, admittedly).
> we have dreamt of having an indymedia women website for years. we have
> started doing it several times. we got stuck in the preparations every
> time. my assumption is that indymedia is a project for people who like
> doing things rather than writing mission statement.
> this time we're going to do it differently: we want to start working on
> the project right away, and deal with the problems as they come. we want
> to build a test site as soon as possible and just start doing what we
> desire:
> - write
> - collect articles
> - reach out to other women's projects to tell us about their latest action
> - publish pictures
> - translate
> - include as many feeds from other feminist sites as we can find
> - edit newsletters with a cool mix of articles about FLOSS, indian women
> against dams, latest attacks on reproductive rights
> - do radio shows and make sure they're broadcast all over the globe
> - share tech knowledge on irc
> - and and and
> whenever i talk to women at either women or tech events the reactions
> generally are something like this: YES! DO IT!
> and so we do now. and we want you. we need help with every possible
> thing like
> - system set-up
> - site design
> - teaching to use technology so that an international network of women
> can find ways to communicate without frustration
> - translations
> - getting us in touch with your local group of computer-addicted girls
> - getting us in touch with women especially from africa, asia and
> eastern europe. and oceania. and more from latin america.
> - all of the list above
> - share experiences how to deal with male techies/activists who feel
> excluded
> - your view about pornography
> - your idea about what it should be
> we haven't developed clear ways of how to get in touch.
> imc-women@lists.indymedia.org is the list where we communicate and we
> will need a contact address soon. at the moment it's a closed list
> because it is the only women-only space we have, but we'll find
> something else soon. join #womyn at irc.indymedia.org to get in touch or
> write to the list or me and i'll forward it.
> talk to you soon!
> Anna

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