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Re: Apply for adding Chinese pages link

Quoting Montserrat Boix Piqué (boix@nodo50.org):
> Hola, soy Montse Boix
> catalana también aunque vivo en Madrid
> y leo inglés pero lo escribo mal, por eso no he participado antes en el 
> debate...
> podríamos hacer algún resumen de tanto en tan en castellano, no?  ;-)

I don't know whether you are or not involved in the current
general localization effort of Debian in either Catalan or Castillan
(some say Spanish but I know this may be a hot topic..:-))) but
getting in touch with debian-l10n-catalan or debian-l10n-spanish would
be a good idea if this is of some interest for you.

Even if you don't speak or write English that well, translating can
still be done and this is a good occasion to learn English,

Feel free to ask for more details here, even in Spanish. We'll
certainly find people able to translate in case some of us don't
understand (I happen to understand basic written Castillan, mostly
proceeding by analogy with my own language).

Hola/Ola Miriam, time to launch debian-women-spanish? You seem to have
enough womanpower for this as I see....:)

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