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Re: DebConf6

Erinn Clark wrote:


> I think this is accurate. I know I've got plenty of other stuff going on
> either directly related to Debian or not related at all. I also think
> some of us are just kind of burned out. We do get women showing up at a
> fairly regular rate still, which is good, but I'm both worried that
> we're not necessarily the kind of group they were expecting (in a bad
> way) and I'm also too tired to really try to do anything about it. But
> that's inertia, really -- and I think a bunch of us are feeling that
> way. We've gotten comfortable and sort of stagnant and unless women
> start actually leaving in droves, I'm not sure anything will be done. I
> just know I personally lack the energy/motivation to continue doing what
> we did in the past. 

I basically agree with Erinn on this, and also I'm not sure what to do about it,
 or even whether anything needs to be done.

Does anyone have ideas about what they would like to see Debian Women doing that
 we are not currently doing?  I think that maybe we need some people with new
enthusiasm to coordinate some little projects that others might be interested
in, to get things more fired up again.

Any volunteers, thoughts, opinions, ...?


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