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Piers Cawley blog

I just blogged a piece by Piers Cawley, who attended the Euro OSCON panel on Women in Open Source (and wrote http://www.bofh.org.uk/articles/2005/11/02/women-in-open-source about it English, which  makes my life easier at least :-) ).  Piers pointed me to his blog, because the discussion at the conference got him to thinking.  In my experience, that happens to at least one person every time we have a piece of the discussion.  Its inefficient (gathering like minds one or two at a time) but I would argue also necessary...

I used to have business cards @ Sun that where under my job title it said "...Teaching Open Source to Sun, one employee at a time..."  It caught a lot of chuckles, and comments about how long it was going to take to approach it that way.  But of course every person who you reach turns around and spreads your message to a few others.  Meme planting just works that way.


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