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Every man that is not pro-feminist is a troll says you.

They won't give you a break; they are women and we men
have committed the sin of creating something grand
without asking their permission or specifically
seeking them out to manage our program.

You may have noticed that it is only recently that
these women sprouted up (within the last few years),
this is because free software has become popular and
emerged as a blip on their radars and they found that
there is something that men have created they women
have not claimed ownership of yet.

You see, for the most part, any woman alive today is a
parasitic creiten that lives off the host male and
even claim his achievements as her own ("behind every
great man is a woman"); be it through divorce and
alimony or the process you see here before you in

What can be done about these women's rights activists?
Well one could pray to God that He frees them from
their physical self and casts them into a pit of
damnation soon :), one could wage a campaigne against
them (disrupt them in the linux confrences, disrupt
them in their debian-women meetings (which they have a
special name for))), or one could (if some of the
women are living in more hostile countries) tip off
the authorities of the whereabouts of some of the
women here (examples of goverment or
quazi-goverment/religious authorities arresting and
imprisoning women's rights activists and feminist
exist in developing countries and Muslim states).

Mr Swp 46 57 Wrote:
>>Give me a break!!! All of this political correctness
and sensitivity is about to drive me nuts. If the fact
something is written using more masculine gender
language will turn someone from using that particular
software, probably isn't much drive to learn it

mrs. errin Followed Up Qith The Mindless Quip:
>Well, ladies and gentleman, it appears we have
another >troll. You know
>the drill: don't feed it. :)
>off the chain like a rebellious guanine nucleotide

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