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Mentoring Yr 7-10 girls into ICT! Sydney Uni initiative

Hi all,

I've posted below some information for a girls in ICT mentoring thing at the
end of Sept at Sydney Uni. I've put my hand up and they are looking for more
women. If anyone is interested, please contact the lady below, she is pretty
cool :) I'll be meeting her up for lunch in about two weeks if anyone else
is keen to come along.


This is your opportunity to help to encourage more women into IT.

The School of IT at The University of Sydney has designed a 3-day workshop
from September 27-29 2005 for 50 girls from year 7-10 to work with women IT
students and professionals on an IT project on the University campus. During
the workshop the girls will be creating multi-media content for a website
about Girls in IT, and producing the website by the end of the workshop.
The organisers are looking for help and sponsorship.

They are looking for:
1. Young women from the industry who can work with the girls, particularly
on Day 2 of the workshop. On that day, they need four mentors to take part
in a panel discussion in the lunch break and 10 -12 mentors who can work
with the girls in breakout groups for the following three hours.
2. Companies who will sponsor 12 country student's attendance at the
workshop at approximately $700 per student. This would provide return
airfares and accommodation for four nights. Scholarships for 12 girls would
require $8,400.
3. $750 for prizes for the best students.
4. $750 to sponsor lunch on any of the three days. Sponsorship will include
the opportunity for the organisation to address the girls as the guest

If you can help, please contact the organiser directly:

Andrea Stern
School of Information Technologies
(02) 90369108


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